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About Us

Applied Magnetic & Physical Modeling LLC goes to great height to acknowledge, recruit and support exceptional program managers—incredible individuals who are at the top of their territory and are eager for the opportunity to push the standards of their regimen.

Our Approach

Our leaders, who are at the very soul our history of success, come from industry, academia, and government agencies for restricted stints, generally four to six years. That time limit fuels the signature urgency to accomplish success in less time than might be acknowledged reasonable in a traditional setting.

Applied Magnetic & Physical Modeling LLC is a reliable developer of complete modeling services for scientific designs. Our professionals provide a complete line of fully unified dimensional simulation and we are the professionals in particle trajectory and electromagnetic design analysis.

Physics Based Modeling

Applied Magnetic & Physical Modeling LLC is staffed with leading engineers in fields such as physics engineering, electromagnetic, and high-frequency applications. Our equipment is utilized in a wide range of industries, including medical, automotive, manufacturing, telecommunications, aerospace and power markets, as well as Physics Based Modeling research and universities laboratories.

For years, our company has expertise in solving real-life designs, collaborating with our clients on finding the ideal solution according to each particular need. Over the years, our team has committed thousands of hours to develop the most reliable, robust professionals accessible on the market.

Our programs allow scientists and engineers to reduce design cycles, save money and time, and deliver more effective products to the market, quicker than ever before.